Tea Exporting
Value Proposition



Are these some of the Tea Export Issues you are grappling with?

  • Lack of system to keep records for Tea Blending
  • Standalone Systems to keep track of auction catalogs; tea purchases, flavouring and packing production
  • Complicated customs declaration processes with disparate shipment information
  • Maintenance of manual ledgers for daily inventory records
  • Manual Processes for recording, monitoring and improving quality standards of key business processes
  • Difficulty integrating orders to procurement and production planning
  • Lack of collaboration between production floor and the shipment department
  • Unable to upload or purchase the Tea Catalogs at the Auction
  • Ever changing demands, shorter lead-times, resource constraints and yet expected to deliver on time.

If so please note some of the key features our Tea Export System brings

  • Totally integrated quality system
  • Ability to create various control charts based on collected statistics
  • User defined Control Plans, checklists and SPC settings
  • Configurable Occurrence, Severity, and Detection ranking to assess the risk level
  • Detailed analysis with actual vs expected
  • Supports established quality management methods and techniques
  • Built in triggers for event warnings, alerts, and alarms
  • Rich graphical support for visual identification of quality levels and detect faults