Digital Financial
Value Proposition



Are these some of the Issues you are grappling with?

  • Are you looking at increasing your client base using Mobile Client On-Boarding Technology and Processes?

  • Are you an institution that wants to expand and grow your service delivery touch points using other channels such as the Mobile

  • Are you an institution that wants to reach out to the Unbanked population at the least cost?

  • Are you an institution that wants to grow its footprint without the expensive “Brick and Mortar” capital outlay?

  • Are you worried about the competitive impact of the FinTech’s and would want to work with them to enhance your product offering?

  • Do you want to differentiate your institution’s Product offering via improved customer experience and business insight?


If you have a yes to any of the previous questions or thinking of investing in any of the above solutions, Kanara Solutions has created a unique package that is tailor-made to resolve the above concerns. Kanara Solutions is determined to exceed your expectations in working with you to determine the above concerns and offer you terms and conditions that are variable and based on your utilization.

Our Digital Financial Capabilities


Agriculture Value Chain Digitization Capabilities using

  • Mobile Payments Platform,
  • e-Vouchers,
  • POS Devices,
  • Mobile Surveys
  • IoT Sensors (ground, aerial, aquatic)
  • Low-Orbit Satellite Imagery UAVs (Drones)
  • Closed loop Payments

Description of Capability

Kanara and its partners will employ mobile technology to help address Agriculture inefficiencies from planning to access to markets using technology such as SMS, USSD, P2P Mobile money as outlined below

Agency Banking & Mobile Money Capabilities

The broad access to mobile phones and the low cost structure associated with deploying mobile money services has seen mobile money become the main driver of formal financial inclusion in Africa. Traditional Banks are therefore looking at working with organizations like Kanara Solutions to increase their footprint with digital Wallet features such as P2P , Airtime top-up, person-to-government(P2G), Salary disbursements, Cardless ATMs , Cross Boarder Remittances etc.

Mobile Health Care Capabilities

Kanara Solutions in partnership with development agency partners use mobile platforms to bridge the gap in access to healthcare services and information thereby enabling faster and more effective coordination of healthcare and professionals and digitizing the drug inventory and supply chains.

Utility Bill Payments Capabilities

Kanara Solutions mobile connectivity offer an opportunity for people to connect and make payments for Water, Electricity, Municipality Accounts , Pay TV etc.