Education Sector
Value Proposition

(secondary schools, tvets and higher education)



Is your Education institution grappling with the following Issues?

Our Five Generic Service Offerings:

  • Ability to communicate with students, faculties, staff, management and 3rd Parties using a single yet integrated central platform,
  • Self-service capability for their students, faculties, staff, management and 3rd Parties,
  • Integration to 3rd parties like Banks, Mobile Money, etc.
  • Managing data across various Campuses and Programs,
  • Having on Integrated Platform to manage Students, Finance and Human Resources,
  • Managing a student’s life cycle from inquiries, admission, and registration eventually to graduation
  • Managing Student Absenteeism,
  • Timetable management for both for usual Lectures and Examinations?
  • Management of Student Debtors, Financial Credit, and Bursaries,
  • Regulatory Reporting,
  • Human Resources Capital Management processes,
  • How to reduce the costs related to your face to face student training,
  • How to manage an eLibrary capability.

If any of the above statements apply to your organization, then it might be worth considering a more strategic approach to your IT Platforms with Kanara Solutions and its International Partnerships as outlined in the picture.